Collages Serie 2

Oh My Deer

Takke Maan

Lucky Strike

When the Desert Storm came in she knew, there would be but one chance to strike the Pin Boys network. If she was to fail they would overtake the serene desert with their Armani suits and college ties. Her dear desert would become a cricket field. How could she ever face the neighbors again? There goes the neighborhood she thought. Then she prepared for her Lucky Strike although she stopped smoking years ago.

Lemming Trees

The lemming tree people were panicking once more. They were already agitated because of the woodpecker plague that was ruining their community. They expelled the woodpeckers and all seemed quiet and peaceful until the foresters started the Great Fire in the planes resulting in a stampede of running lemming trees. They ran away from the flames, fleeing their orchards and lover lanes. Holding up their precious twigs, leaves, and fruits they charged downhill toward the steep ravine... The woodpeckers chuckled in delight. Because of their beaks, they couldn't smile, though many of them winked an eye to each other.

After Party

Who will pay the Ferryman

The Yakusi Sisters

The Yakusi sisters were having their traditional green tea. Yes, it took forever to brew this green shit, not to mention the serving and nipping and... Well, anyway when they were done the storm season had passed and the tree people were launching their home build whales to set sail for the promised land. The Yakusi sisters knew that this was the time to start the big hunt. They were pissed that they had to hurry their tea-ceremony and this anger was taken to the hunt. They embarked their fast and furious gunships and started the pursuit of the heavy loaded whale ships. Meanwhile, a shanty choir was singing "Shiver me timbers" which was nerve-wracking the tree people.

Captain Iglo's Castle

Deep down in the dungeons of Captain Iglo's frozen Fishfinger Castle, the Yakusi sisters were waiting for the Great Captain's approval to enter the Main Hall. The twin brides were burning with desire with the Great Captains red snapper in their hands. The captain 's fish fingers defrosted in the heat. Needless to say that the smell spoiled the party. The Yakusi sisters left him behind in his ice-cold fishthrone leaving their peace offer; a barrel of fresh ice tea.

Whale Beach

Amidst the cries of lost sailor's souls and seagulls alike, She stood there in the stormy sand dunes her hair and lantern waving in the rhythm of the ocean swell. Horizon ships slowly passed and none responded to the lantern that kept flashing; Home! Home! Maybe he forgot about her, maybe he was there in the lost soul's seagull cry. Angrily disappointed she threw the lantern in the cruel sea. Deep down in the murky waters whales assembled around the lantern that bubbled; Home! Home!

Like a man on a wire...